Ups and Downs Make Research Go ‘Round

This week was interesting:

Despite great proposals, neither of my students were able to secure research funding through CNS. Although understandably bummed about funding, Savannah was so excited about her proposed project that we’ve started it anyway and she’s *ahead* of schedule. Gavin’s research professor (he works in two labs, he’s so great!) read his proposal, and after some discussions between all of us, he’ll be trying for an NSF GRFP this year!  In the end, the students are doing what matters: they are going on with science!

After about a year of working on an exhibit about mutations for the MSU Museum, it’s finally live! I am very excited to see the final product, and I have a renewed appreciation for the work that goes into informal education. There is so much that goes into the wording and presentation of science that people *don’t* see, and this experience has really helped me hone skills in communicating science to the public. If you get the chance and are around MSU, go check out the ‘Mutation Station’!


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