Presentation Season!

Just a quick blog post update on the wonderful presentations my labbies have been doing.

Below is a picture of us, specifically Savannah, Gavin, and Ellyse, at  the Midwest Ecology and Evolution Conference (MEEC) in early March, joined by four other BEACONites (Cory Kohn, Kevin Hall, grad students in Barry Williams’ lab; Maia Rowles and Kiyana Weatherspoon, undergrads in Rich Lenski’s lab).  This was their first regional presentation, and thanks to BEACON funds, we were all able to take a van down to the University of Dayton and present this year. It was a fun experience, especially traveling back in not the greatest weather (Thanks, Kevin!).

MEEC 2014-1

Marquita. who is new to our lab, joined in on the presentation fun with Gavin, Savannah, and Ellyse at the University Undergraduate Research and Arts Forum (UURAF) yesterday. I heard lots of good things from judges and friends who popped by to check out their research. Way to go, y’all, and special kudos to Gavin for winning his section! Proud of you all!


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