“Whatcha gonna be for Halloween?”

I normally don’t announce until the unveiling on the day of, but for Halloween, I’m going to go as Hera. Our Biology department has decided to go as Greek Mythological characters, and if Hades, Poseidon, and Medusa are having as much fun scheming about their costumes, it is going to be a blast!

So, why Hera? Besides being the Queen of the Gods, particularly Goddess of Marriage and Women, symbolically she can be represented by the peacock. Those of you who don’t know, the peacock is a classic symbol of sexual selection, so I had to jump at the chance to get more peacock things. They’re beautiful in their own right, but the symbolism appeals to my nerdy side.

I’ll be wearing a low-budget version of this dress with a giant curly wig (leftover from last year’s Gatekeeper/Keymaster Ghostbusters costumes) and a gold crown (because who doesn’t want to ride MARTA as a Queen of the Gods?).

Oh, and I’m a complete goofball for puns/inside jokes. So, I’m giving out Ringpops for Halloween, ’cause, if Hera’s about marriage, then…

Whatever you choose to be, have fun. And if you’re so inclined, pick a costume that symbolizes your science and use it as a teachable moment. Trick or teach!

UPDATE 10/30: Look how awesome our department looks!!



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